This is the work that is currently available, for inquiries about available work and commissions please email hello@gemmagene.com.

wrapped phone_gemma gene

“wrapped phone”2017

48″ x 48″

oil on canvas

glass ceiling_gemma gene_36x48

“Glass ceiling”2017

36″ x 48″

oil on canvas

Pink hearts_gemma gene_60x60.jpg

“pink hearts” 2017

60″ x 60″

oil on canvas

instagram_the end of endlessness_blue_38x65_gemma gene.jpg

“The end of endlessness” 2017

38″ x65″

oil on canvas


#_process_gemma gene.jpg

“trending topic” 2017

12″ x 12″

oil on canvas

#_trending down_gemma gene_background.jpg

“trending down” 2017

12″ x 12″

oil on canvas


“wrapped pink burse”2016

18 x 18 in

oil on wood


“The party is over” 2016

60″ x 60″

pencil and charcoal on paper


“wrapped cup”2016

12 x 12 in

oil on canvas


wrapped glasses_gemma gene_LD.jpg

“wrapped glasses” 2016

34 x 13,5 in

oil on wood

bolso copy

“wrapped purse”2015

27 x 27 in

oil on wood


swimmer_gemma gene_LD.jpg

“the swimmer” 2015

72 x 48 in

oil on canvas



IMG_0350 copy“overlapped shadows”2015

11 x 16

oil on wood

Gene_6 copy

“geometry study” 2015

12 x 12 in

oil on stone

Gene_9 copy

“curved wall” 2014

17 x 17 in

pencil on ceramic tile