special projects

100 gates project

Gate painting for the 100 gates project. This gate is located at Mendel Goldberg Fabrics 72 Haster St, New york, NY.

Gemma Gene_100 gates project_glam girl finished.jpg


dijous 2



Installation at the solo show “Coses que penso mentre faig gaspatxo” (what I think while I make gazpacho)


photo by Alicia Garcia

Wrapped Mochi



Street art work in Barcelona, collaboration with Xavier Camps. Filmed by Gina Plana

The shadow of structure

project by Gemma Gené and Dimitros Spyropoulos directed by Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia at GSAPP Columbia University



Exhibition at The Allies Gallery, curated by Imagination in Space



Exhibition at Figment festival


Exhibition at Columbia final solo show

Project team: Gemma Gené, Jenny Lin, Margaux Young, Rashad Palmer, Madeeha Merchant, Rebeca Riss, Gabriel Calatrava, Dan Luo and Eileen Chen.

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